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Who wants to be a millionaire when you can have a Billionaire? Learjets, super yachts, diamonds and roulette, a drive down the Amalfi coast in a vintage Alfa Romeo...Remember when you had to dress for dinner and a gentleman never let a lady pay? Live the fantasy with Billionaire Boyfriend.

Your Billionaire Boyfriend is a decadent, voluptuous new fragrance, destined to make your eyes roll like dice on a craps table in 1967 Monte Carlo. Brilliant, seductive, black jasmine amber is the centerpiece of this opulent fragrance making it unforgettable and desirable at any cost. Billionaire will seduce you and indulge your every whim, exuding an old-world glamour and timeless elegance in its opulent, one of a kind bottle. Inspired by a special reserve vintage champagne bottle, the antiqued platinum-mirrored finish exemplifies the wealth and glamour of old world Europe. Billionaire Boyfriend...let him spoil you!