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The Boyfriend fragrance is beautifully constructed with the sensual aroma of smoldering myrrh drenched with succulent and juicy dark plum creating an instant and passionate embrace. It has the exotic floralcy of Night Blooming Jasmine, known for it's aphrodisiac properties and instant attraction between men and women, the creamy vanilla warmth of Benzoine Tears combined with cashmere musks, golden amber and vanilla white woods that create the sensual, nuzzly, warm feel of the fragrance. The result is a wonderfully contrasting scent that perfectly captures his scent with a wearable feminine twist. BOYFRIEND is a subtle fragrance that you move into. Each item in the Boyfriend fragrance line was created with a slight variation of the signature scent which allows for great product layering, individual product use or layering with most other fragrances, either way it will make you purr!