Inspired by beloved actress Kate Walsh

Kate was in New York after just breaking up with her boyfriend and realized she missed the scent of his fragrance on her skin. So, she went to a popular fragrance boutique in New York searching for a man’s fragrance that would give her the same scent her boyfriend wore. It was then that it dawned on her...why not create a fragrance for women that smells like the scent of their guys and call it “BOYFRIEND”, a fragrance created for women that is bright, floral and feminine yet has the woody amber warmth of a guy’s scent. Kate decided to create her own brand, BOYFRIEND, hired her own team of fragrance industry professionals to create, design and execute the BOYFRIEND brand and long-term vision. Part of Kate’s vision included experimenting with marketing BOYFRIEND solely digitally, leveraging the burgeoning world of digital media and her own fan base via twitter, facebook, google, and now pinterest and instagram. Leading up to the launch of BOYFRIEND Kate created several webimercials in which she wrote, directed, and starred in.